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Indigo Signs provides a proposal, including design concepts and pricing, based on the needs requested by the client and the requirements of what the project entails. To give this project proposal, we will need to gather the necessary information through our consultation, design, and estimating processes.

Sign Consulting Process

We want to hear your vision and desires for your new signage project before we do anything. Are you interested in a specific shape or a unique type of material? Do you have particular concerns about the final installation location? Do you own or lease the building? Where does your sign need to be visible? How fast will your potential patrons be driving by when you want them to read your sign?

Whether you know what you want or need assistance, our experienced team will guide you along the way through all the options for your signage solutions. We will not shy away from any challenge when it comes to materials and vision. When we meet to discuss your vision, we will also outline a project timeline to help you get a realistic sense of when you can expect to see your new sign.

Need a jump-start on your thought process? Review "Things You Should Know When Buying a Sign" to help you get started.