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Thoroughly clean the surface. Dry with a lint free towel. Any lint left on the surface can easily get trapped under the vinyl.

When using the hinge method, be sure to secure with tape in more than one place. Application fluid often reduces the masking tape adhesive bond.

Spray the surface with application fluid such as: Wonderjuice TM, RapidTac TM, or a mixture of 1 teaspoon detergent to 32oz water in a spray bottle.

Remove the release liner (transfer tape) from the vinyl and position on the substrate. The application fluid will allow you a few seconds to reposition the vinyl if necessary.

Squeegee firmly removing all excess application fluid.

Wait 30 seconds. Spray top of transfer tape with application fluid. Wait 15 seconds and squeegee off excess liquid.

Remove application tape by pulling right to left at a 45 degree angle. (Note: water/detergent solution takes longer to dry. Test a small area.If vinyl is not bonding to the substrate, wait a minute or two and test again).

Your new vinyl graphics were produced using high performance name-brand vinyl. These vinyls are made specifically for exterior use and are guaranteed to have an exterior life of five to seven years by the manufacturer. This guarantee implies that the vinyl will not substantially fade, crack or peel within the warranty period under proper care of the vehicle.

Proper care of the vehicle is extremely important to protect your graphics and to prolong their life. Sign Source does not recommend washing your vehicle in a Touchless car wash. These types of car washes use extremely high pressure and hot temperatures, which have an adverse affect on your vinyl graphics.  The chemicals used in these car washes are also very harmful on the vinyl and will reduce the life span of your graphics.

Hand washing is always the best method of cleaning your lettered vehicle. In addition, the Soft-Touch washes are generally not as harmful as the Touchless washes. In the event that we were to receive a defective product from our manufacturer, Sign Source will warranty the full replacement cost of your vinyl graphics, not including labor, if the above guidelines have been properly followed in caring for your vehicle.

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