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If you want to send us a file via e-mail keep in mind that large files will take a long time to upload and download. Please try to keep e-mailed files to 10 Megs or less. Files can be e-mailed to Tom Schommer If you are submitting a file via disk, Sign Source can accept files on the most media types:

Make Sure that the files are proportional to the final size. For instance, if the requested final image size of your print is to be 4’ x 8’ the file should be set up with an aspect ratio of 2:1. If the file you submit is not proportional to the final output keep in mind that you may be charged additional artwork fees and your image may need to be cropped.

All fonts should be included. Be sure to double check and make sure that you have included all of the fonts in the document.

Sign Source can accept Files set up in the following programs:
• QuarkXPress 6.0 or earlier
• Abobe Creative Suite 4 (Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign CS4 or earlier)
• Corel Draw X4 or earlier

If you have a file set up in a program other than those listed or a file format that you are unsure of, please contact our design department for assistance (952)908-9111 or e-mail Tom Schommer. We will try to work with other program files for an additional charge of $65/hour.

Photoshop File Set-up Detail Vector Graphic Detail Raster Graphic Detail
Detail of Print Size Window Vector Graphic Raster Graphic

If your print contains a photographic or raster based image make sure that the dimensions of the file are set to the actual size of the print and that your resolution is set to 75ppi. For example If you are using Adobe Photoshop and you select “Image Size” under the “Image” menu it should look like this if your sign is 22"x28" (see above image). If you are setting up your files at 1/2 or 1/4 the size of the intended output you will need to increase the image resolution to ensure image quality. All Raster images should be saved as either CMYK TIFF or CMYK EPS files.

The only images that should be scanned are photographs - all logos, artwork, or text should be in vector format (lines, curves, points).

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